Eudora Farms Drive-Thru Safari

Eudora Farms Drive-Thru Safari Park Grand Opening May 8th, 2020

When is the safari open? 

Friday-Sunday , 10AM-6PM
Monday-Thursday : Please call to make an appointment*
*Dates and times are subject to change

Where is the safari located?  219 Salem Lane, Salley SC 29137

How much does the safari cost?  The drive-thru safari is only $20 per vehicle, regardless of the amount of passengers in the car.

Want to get out of the house and still maintain safe social distancing?  Eudora Farms is opening a drive-thru safari just in time for Mother’s Day.

Eudora Farms announces an exciting new adventure for families in the Southeast.  A drive-thru wildlife safari park will be opening Friday, May 8th on their 125 acre farm in Salley, SC.  Guests can ride in the comfort and safety of their own cars through expansive natural habitats observing animals from around the world in the natural herding environments.  Experience close encounters with herds of zebra and antelope, caravans of camels and our majestic endangered reticulated giraffe.

“We are excited to give families an affordable way to have some fun and learn about these amazing animals,” owner Mark Nisbet explains.  “We know that education is the key to conservation, so we are building even more educational exhibits in the future that will help people connect with these animals and have an adventure they will never forget.”

“For now, our guests can get hands-on and feed the birds in our Parakeet Adventure with over 200 parakeets, or feed the animals as they drive through our Safari Park,” Nisbet says.  “Guests can also pay electronically if they want to have a hands-free adventure while maintaining their social distance.”

Zebra herds on safari

Experience the safari for yourself for just $20 per car during this promotion!  Guests can also enjoy access to our large free parking and picnic areas.  Eudora Farms is a USDA licensed and accredited family-owned business that has been operating in South Carolina for over 25 years.  Eudora focuses on educational adventures that help support conservation and protection of animals for future generations.  For more information, visit Eudora Farms on Facebook or call (803) 606-6325.

Join us for safari!  Eudora Farms 125 acre drive-thru Safari is the perfect family outing during the COVID19 crisis, because it allows safe social distancing.  You don’t have to worry about coming into contact with the COVID19 virus because the entire outing is based in your own vehicle.

Call today to reserve your space in line.

If you are attending the farm please follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not sit on the back of your truck
  • Do not feed or pet the zebras
  • Do not bring your own food to feed the animals
  • Do not honk at the animals or cars around you

We want to make your experience at Eudora wild and adventurous!! 

Thank You For All of Your Support!
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    by John

    Eudora Farms safari has the coolest animals! I love all of them! That ring-tailed lemur is always jumping on the cars.

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