First Responder Day – August 12, 2020 from 8PM – 2PM

Eudora Farms is hosting a First Responders Day.

Mark Nisbet, owner of Eudora Farms Drive-Thru Safari Park, announced today the plans to honor the First Responders as a way of giving back to the community.



Attn:  Editor, Newsroom
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Date: July 17, 2020

Re: Eudora Farms First Responder Day
Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 9 am -4 pm
Copyline: Salley, South Carolina 

Each day Doctors, Nurses, Hospital staff, Ambulance staff, Police, Firemen, and Women, are on the frontline of the war against Coronavirus.  I wanted to give them and their respective families a day off, a day to take the family out in a safe and fun environment at Eudora Farms. To let them feed and experience the drive-thru safari park, with over 200 animals from all over the world.  As they drive their own vehicles through the drive-thru safari, they enjoy close encounters with zebras, camels, antelope, water buffalo, emu, llamas, and Willie, the extraordinarily large African Watusi and lots of other exotic animals.   We at Eudora Farms want to say Thank You.

Caring for animals is the number one goal and the top priority for Mark Nisbet & the Eudora Farms staff members. His history with animals goes back to his childhood when he managed to keep pet rabbits, along with chickens on the balcony of his family’s apartment in Morganton, NC. As the son of a teacher, importance was placed on education and conservation. 

ABOUT EUDORA FARMS:  Opened to the public on May 8. 2020 located in Salley, South Carolina, between Columbia, SC, and Augusta, Ga.  Expands over 137 acres with over 200 exotic animals from all over the world.  The theme is “WHERE MORE THAN IMAGINATIONS RUN WILD”.  Mark’s vision is to provide a place to educate the public about the conversation and environment of these exotic animals.  To allow kids and adults the chance to up close see the animals they only read or see on television.

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