You and your family are on the road so bring your ID, cash and maybe some credit too. We are off the beaten path and being prepared for anything is smart. You can bring snacks as we do typically have a long line. Do not feed the animals unless its our special feed. Not only will we provide you with that upon purchase but we have people snacks too. And while we do offer hand washing stations, we recommend bringing hand sanitizer with you.

Also you never know what the cellular service is going to be like when traveling. We recommend you bring a state map just in case. Better safe than sorry as they say!

Wash Your Hands

Make sure have the appropriate attire for the weather. You can still get some feeding action but it makes sense to have a towel or rain coat if you’re going to be rolling through the park with your windows opened during a sprinkle

Park Rules

All person entering Eudora Safari Park do so at their own risk.

We will not be responsible for injuries to any individual or damages to any vehicle.

Do NOT bring your own food to feed to the animals. That is a Federal violation; we have food on location if you wish to feed the animals.

Please honor the speed limit of 5 mph for the safety of animals.

Feed only from the buckets… NOT FROM YOUR HANDS! Scattering or tossing feed will allow shy animals to come to your vehicle.

All doors must remain closed. No Minivan sliding or hatch doors may be open. Open windows only!

Trucks: You may ride in the back of your truck. Tailgate MUST remain up and no sitting on the sides of the truck.

Keep windows rolled down all the way when feeding animals. NEVER roll up windows when animal is attempting to feed. Injury to the animal or the vehicle is possible.

If you are in need of help or assistance, honk the horn to notify a park ranger.

Pets are allowed but MUST remain in the vehicle or on a leash in one of our parking lots.

Keep limbs inside moving vehicles while on Safari. Do not litter! Please keep the park clean for everyone to enjoy.

With certain animals, we ask you to keep distance for safety reasons. You will see signs for the animals we ask you to keep distance from.

Do not throw things at the animals.

Please show respect to all staff members and animals at Eudora Wildlife Safari Park.

Absolutely no firearms or weapons are allowed on Eudora Farms premises.

No smoking allowed, unless in designated area.

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